July 7, 2017

Are You Using the Right Toothbrush?

Many patients go to the store and choose a toothbrush at random, not knowing if the toothbrush is the best one they could have for their mouth. Every person is unique. Some have hard enamel, while other patients have weak enamel that needs soft bristles for brushing or extra care. How do you know what toothbrush is right for you? […]
July 8, 2017

Loose-Fitting Dentures Can Be Addressed by Denture Adhesive

Dentures are originally crafted to closely match the unique structure of your gums. This helps them to comfortably replicate the original function of your missing teeth. As time goes by, it’s possible for the underlying bone structure of your mouth to change. This could be a natural result of the aging process or the early stages of a condition which […]
July 15, 2017

Are You Prepared for Dental Emergencies?

Are you prepared for dental emergencies before leaving town? The holidays are almost here, the kids will be out of school and chances are you’ll be traveling during the winter break. Dental emergencies can happen to anyone; unexpected toothaches, broken teeth, lost fillings or crowns. According to WebMD, you’re the first line of defense in a dental emergency. A dental emergency […]
July 18, 2017

What Can Calcium Do For Your Teeth?

Calcium is essential for maintaining a healthy body. Not only does it help build strong bones and teeth, but it’s also vital for proper muscle and nerve functioning. It even helps blood clot! What’s the right amount? Do you know?  Our Mountain Aire Dentistry team can educate you on how much you need, why, and how to get it. Why […]