4 Things to Remember in a Dental Emergency

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4 Things to Remember in a Dental Emergency


People are never ready to endure a dental emergency, but if they happen to you or one of your loved ones, you will be glad that you took the time to learn the steps to take when it happens. What you do in the moments following a dental emergency could save your smile. In this article, we’re going over four things you could benefit from remembering when experiencing a dental emergency. 

What is a Dental Emergency? 

A dental emergency is what occurs when you suffer an injury to a tooth by accident and need prompt dental care. Knowing what to do in the event of a dental emergency can make the difference between saving and losing a oooh. The American Dental Association explains that when you have a dental emergency, it’s important to visit your dentist or emergency room as soon as possible. 

4 Things to Remember in a Dental Emergency 

No matter what is happening, it’s important to do your best to remain calm in the event of a dental emergency so you can act rationally and remember what you’re learning to do from this article. Here are four different instances and what to keep in mind if they happen to you: 

What to do if… a tooth gets knocked out 

If you have a tooth knocked out, it’s important to move quickly so you can save the tooth. No matter what age you are, you are susceptible to getting a tooth knocked out during contact sports or an accident. If a tooth gets knocked out, follow these tips

  • First, if it’s your child who lost the tooth, see if it was a baby or permanent tooth. If it was a baby tooth, it won’t be re-implanted.
  • Never touch the tooth that fell out by the root. The root contains important fibers, known as periodontal ligaments, that are necessary for proper healing. When you pick up the tooth, hold it by the chewing surface area. 
  • If the tooth is visibly soiled, rinse briefly with tap water. Do not scrub the tooth. 
  • Immediately place the tooth back into the socket in your mouth, if possible. 
  • If you cannot put your tooth back in the socket, place it in your mouth next to your cheek to keep the root moist. Additionally, you can also place the tooth in a small glass of milk. Do not use tap water. 

What to do if… there’s bleeding 

If you suffer an injury that causes your mouth to bleed, try to control the bleeding. Gently rinse your mouth and wish for a mild salt-water solution. Then, use a moistened piece of gauze or a tea bag to apply pressure to the site of the bleeding. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately. Excessive bleeding could be a sign of a more serious problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Call your dentist to let them know you’re on the way if it’s during business hours or head to the emergency room.

What to do if… something is stuck 

If you got a piece of food or something stuck between your teeth, try to remove it with floss. If gently using floss to remove it doesn’t do the trick, do not try to use any more force. Instead, head to your dentist or nearest emergency room for help. Do not try to use any object other than floss to try and remove what is stuck. 

What to do if… a tooth is partially knocked out

If your tooth was hit and didn’t fall out completely, head to your dentist immediately. At this rate, it’s likely your tooth can still be saved – but quick treatment makes all the difference. Do not attempt to pull your tooth all the way out. Additionally, do not mess with the tooth and try to put it back into place on your own, as that could result in it becoming dislodged completely. 

Dental Emergencies with Mountain Aire Dentistry

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