What the Dentist Actually Looks For During a Dental Checkup

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What the Dentist Actually Looks For During a Dental Checkup


You should be visiting the dentist twice a year to maintain optimal oral health. It’s said that 100 million Americans fail to see the dentist each year, even though it would greatly benefit their health. If you don’t go to your regular dental checkup because you don’t know what to expect, we’re here to change that.

Dental Checkups 

When you come in for your regular dental exams, do you know what the dentist is looking for? It can be slightly nerve wracking to come in for your appointment when you don’t know what to expect. At your dental checkup you can expect the dentist to:

  • Examine your teeth and gums for marks of gum disease, loose teeth, and more 
  • Look for plaque collection on the teeth 
  • Check for cavities that could cause tooth loss 

If you have any of these conditions, going to the dentist every six months can help you find them early on. 

Common Dental Problems

Dental problems are common, but they can be prevented most of the time by seeing your dentist every six months. Here are some of the most common dental problems we see:

Gum disease 

Also known as periodontitis, gum disease means an infection has invaded the gums. Gum disease attacks the soft tissue and can destroy the teeth’s supporting bones if it’s not treated in time. Signs of gum disease include red, swollen, tender, and bleeding gums. If you notice you spit blood out when brushing your teeth, you should have Dr. Berry check for gingivitis and gum disease.

Loose teeth 

Having a loose tooth as a kid is exciting! You look forward to putting the tooth finally coming out, putting it under your pillow, and waiting for the tooth fairy to come that night. However, having a loose tooth as an adult is much more alarming. Adult teeth are meant to last the rest of your life, so when they become loose there’s usually a deeper problem at hand. Common causes of tooth loss as an adult are gum disease, pregnancy, injury, and even osteoporosis. 

Plaque buildup 

When plaque builds up on the teeth it can cause gum irritation and even gum disease. Going to your routine dental cleanings help make sure you remove all existing plaque and start fresh. Plaque is caused by the foods and drinks we consume each day, so to limit plaque growth it’s important to limit sugary treats, brush twice a day, and floss daily as well.  

Cavities and tooth decay 

When you get a cavity it means you have done permanent damage to your teeth’s surface. Cavities cause little holes in the teeth, and are caused by not practicing good oral hygiene at home, eating too many sugary drinks, and persistent snacking throughout the day. If left untreated, cavities can make the affected tooth extremely sensitive, and even can lead to tooth loss. 

Why Dental Checkups Are Important

Visiting your dentist twice yearly is critical to your overall health. Along with helping identify dental problems like we mentioned above early on, it can also make sure you get treatment that is more simple in nature, and thus cheaper.

Even if you’re not symptomatic, seeing the dentist can help prevent problems from developing in the first place. Oftentimes, dental checkups are considered preventative dentistry. Taking the time to see your dentist regularly can help stop these dental problems before they occur in some instances. Much like you eat healthy and exercise to prevent problems from occurring, think of your regular checkups in the same way. This is also a good time to touch base with Dr. Berry and his team about any new medical conditions that might have changed over the last few months. Touching base will allow an open dialogue for questions and answers to learn what the new medical conditions could mean for your oral health.


If your dental checkup proves you need to be treated for any of these conditions, Dr. Berry will talk with you about a treatment plan that will best fit your health goals and needs. Sometimes, treatments mean coming in for a few follow up appointments, or other times you’ll be given recommendations for how to properly care for your condition at home.

Make an Appointment with Mountain Aire Dentistry 

Even the healthiest people need a dental checkup. There’s more to your mouth than what you can see in the mirror, which is why a dentist needs to have a look. A visit to Mountain Aire Dentistry can help you avoid potential dental problems. Call now to make an appointment at (303)-731-7755. With years of dental experience, we’re trained to get your mouth back to healthy in no time. Come see us!


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