The Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening

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September 10, 2020
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September 23, 2020

The Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening


Over time, your teeth may become darkened and discolored because of various lifestyle factors. At Mountain Aire Dentistry, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your ideal smile in the simplest and most effective way. To do this, we proudly offer Zoom teeth whitening. This quick and professional in-office whitening treatment can brighten your smile up to 8 shades after just one treatment! 

Why Do Stained Teeth Happen? 

Over the years, your teeth may become darkened and discolored because of various lifestyle factors.Your teeth can say a lot about you, and although you may try to keep your teeth looking pearly white forever, life can get in the way. As we get older, there are several factors that can result in discolored, yellow teeth. Some of the most common contributing factors to a duller smile include:

  • Smoking and other forms of tobacco use
  • The natural aging process
  • Certain foods and drinks, such as wine, soda, coffee, and tea
  • Fluorosis
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Certain medications
  • Illness

Regardless of the cause, staining and discoloration in your teeth can make you feel embarrassed of your smile’s appearance. You may even try to hide your teeth when you smile. If this is you, our dentist may recommend our Zoom teeth whitening treatment. You should love your smile and show it off, not hide it. 

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening? 

Zoom in-office whitening is a safe and simple process that uses advanced and effective methods to leave you with bright, long-lasting results. For most patients, the treatment is complete in about an hour’s time. When you come in for your appointment, you can expect the steps to include: 

  • Cleaning the patient’s teeth
  • Covering their lips and gums to protect them from exposure to the whitening material
  • Applying a hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth, and leaving it there for 15 minutes
  • Shining the Zoom LED lights over the teeth to activate the hydrogen peroxide, which will penetrate the tooth’s surface and dissolve discoloration and stains
  • Repeating the process of applying the whitening gel and shining the LED lights an additional 2 times — each time it takes about 15 minutes

After you have completed your three 15-minute whitening sessions, you can walk out of our office with a brighter, more confident smile! You will also receive instructions about how to care for your whiter smile at home, as well as a touch-up kit that will help your smile last longer.

Do You Need a Special Occasion to Whiten Your Teeth?

You don’t have to have a big event coming up that you need to whiten your teeth for to get the treatment done. Colgate explains some of the most common reasons that people decide to whiten their teeth are to:

  • Boost self confidence 
  • Have a younger appearance
  • Prepare for a special event, like a wedding or job interview
  • Make a positive first impression on others
  • Reverse years of everyday staining and yellowing

How to Keep Your Teeth Bright

Once you have received your whitening treatment, there are things you can do to make your results last. First, stay away from stain-causing foods and drinks for at least two days after your treatment. This means avoiding coffee, soda, spaghetti sauce, and things of the like. Once you have passed that 48-hour mark, you can begin incorporating these things again, but you need to take steps to maintain your results. Here are some steps you can take to protect your bright smile at home:

  • Avoid frequent exposure to drinks like coffee, tea, or red wine. When you can, use a straw to prevent much liquid from hitting your front teeth. 
  • Rinse your mouth immediately after eating or drinking stain-causing foods. If you’re able to brush, that’s even better. 
  • Establish a good oral hygiene practice. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once each day. Additionally, you can even add in a mouthwash to help kill bacteria. 
  • Be open to touch-up treatments. While we wish teeth whitening results could be permanent, our lives don’t make it easy to maintain the results forever. If you want to keep your smile as bright as it was when you left our office, you might need to consider touch-up treatments. This can be done annually for optimal results. 

Zoom to an Appointment with Mountain Aire Dentistry

At Mountain Aire Dentistry, your smile is our top priority. We invite you to come experience what a quick teeth-whitening treatment could do for you and your self esteem. Boost your confidence today by brightening your smile! Make an appointment by calling us at (303)-731-7755. 


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