Safeguard Your Pearly Whites Over The Holidays

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December 12, 2019
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Safeguard Your Pearly Whites Over The Holidays

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Don’t say goodbye to white teeth this White Christmas! December is a time of presents, family and yummy treats, but it can also be a month where our oral health is forgotten. Sugary candies and bad brushing and flossing habits leave white teeth at risk for discoloration AND tooth decay over the holidays.  Resolve this holiday to a good oral hygiene along with limiting sugary treats. Schedule a cleaning and exam now with Mountain Aire Dentistry so you can enjoy the holidays without sacrificing your oral health. Discover treats and foods that augment tooth decay or make white teeth more susceptible to change.  

Foods that Can Dim White Teeth

Foods that you should watch out for that can cause tooth-darkening decay include citrus fruits and drinks as well as sodas, carbonated drinks (including sparkling water), and sweet treats. 

Other foods that are considered healthy can still leave white teeth with unwanted stains. How do you know what foods will stain your teeth? You can generally know by the color they are. Blueberries, blackberries and pomegranates are all foods that can seriously stain your teeth. They naturally have rich dyes, which can dye your teeth as well. 

A good tip for knowing if a food or drink will stain your teeth is how well you can remove it from clothing if you spill it. Reds, purples, blues, blacks, and other dark colors will stain your teeth. 

This includes red wine and other beverages that use red, purple or dark dyes in them.

Also watch out for foods such as beets, soy sauce, tomato sauce, and grape and cranberry juice. 

If you are still finding that your teeth are stained even when avoiding these aforementioned foods, the problem may be aging teeth or oral health habits. 

Achieving White Teeth this Holiday (and in 2020)

Even with the best oral hygiene practices and eating in place, sometimes there are other factors that can affect the whiteness of your smile; some that are out of your control and in the hands of your genetics. 

Despite some of the out-your-control factors, white teeth that are showing discoloration can trigger feelings of embarrassment or shyness that you wouldn’t typically feel.  Your feelings toward darker-than-normal teeth may even make you want to stop sharing your smile all together–no!!

Zoom teeth whitening treatment can help brighten teeth and give you back the white teeth you remember.  This in-office whitening is safe and simple but offers beautiful, long-lasting results. In most cases, this treatment takes about one hour, in which our dentist will perform the following steps:


  • Clean your teeth
  • Cover your lips and gums to protect them from exposure to the whitening material
  • Apply a hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth, and leave it there for 15 minutes
  • Shine the Zoom LED lights over your teeth to activate hydrogen peroxide, which will penetrate the tooth’s surface and dissolve discoloration and stains.
  • Repeat the process of applying the whitening gel and shining the LED lights an additional 2 times


After you have completed your 3 15-minute whitening sessions, you can walk out of our office with a brighter, more confident smile! You will also receive instructions about how to care for your whiter smile at home, as well as a touch-up kit that will help your smile last longer.

Call for a Diet and Teeth Consultation

Your diet makes a big difference when it comes to a healthy smile.  You truly are what you eat and so are your teeth! If you have cavities or if you’re struggling with other issues related to your teeth and gums, don’t put off seeking treatment. In many cases, your mouth can be restored to a healthy, functional, and beautiful state. Contact Mountain Aire Dentistry at (303) 731-7755 for an evaluation with Dr. Berry.  

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