5 Reasons to Make a Dental Check-Up Appointment

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5 Reasons to Make a Dental Check-Up Appointment


If you want to have healthy teeth and gums, you should be seeing your dentist for a check-up every six months. If you’re overdue for a check-up, here are 5 reasons you should schedule an appointment today.

  1. To clean plaque and tartar off your teeth 

Having a professional dental cleaning done is like hitting a reset button on your mouth. Dental plaque is a sticky biofilm that can easily build up on your teeth. Plaque is sticky and contains bacteria, which attacks your tooth enamel and can damage your gums. It contains millions of bacteria that grows on the food and drinks you consume each and every day. You can clean a lot of plaque off by brushing and flossing each day. If you don’t have a consistent dental hygiene routine, this plaque can multiply and eventually turn into tartar. 

Tartar can’t be removed at home, it has to be removed by a dental professional. Tartar is yellow to brown in color, and it is plaque that has been hardened on the teeth. Since it hardens, it becomes strongly bonded to the tooth, which can only be removed at a dental cleaning appointment. 

Dentists remove tartar using a scaler to scrape away the presence of tartar. If severe, removal might also include scaling and root planing. 

  1. Be checked for signs of gum disease 

At your dental check-up, we check for the presence of gum disease. If you show signs of gum disease, you might need a deeper cleaning. Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, is a result of bacterial overgrowth in the mouth. It is a gum infection that can damage the soft tissue. According to Mayo Clinic, without treatment, gum disease can lead to loose teeth of tooth loss. Gum disease is common, but through regular dental cleanings and check-ups it can be preventable or managed. Signs of gum disease include:

  • Swollen and puffy gums
  • Bright red gums 
  • Tender gums
  • Gums that bleed easily
  • Bad breath
  • Pus between the teeth and gums
  • Loose teeth or loss of teeth
  • Painful chewing
  • New spaces developing between the teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Change in bite 
  1. Have any jaw problems evaluated 

If you have been suffering headaches, teeth grinding, or other jaw-related problems like TMJ, a dental check-up is a good time to have those issues evaluated. At your appointment, we will check how your teeth fit together and how the muscles nearby are moving your jaw. Common signs of jaw problems are clicking, grinding, pain in the jaw joints, and difficulty opening and closing the mouth. Some people also experience ringing in the ears. If you have any of these problems, you can bring those up to your dentist at your check-up. 

  1. Have surface stains removed off the teeth

Not only does coming in for a dental cleaning help remove plaque and tartar, but it can also remove those pesky stains that come with them. If you’ve noticed your teeth have become more dull in color, a quick cleaning can help brighten them back up. This is a good option for if you want to remove those surface stains that can happen from drinking coffee every morning or having a glass of wine each night, but don’t want to try professional teeth whitening just yet. Though this won’t remove tough stains, it can help knock the superficial ones off. 

  1. Stop serious oral health problems before they begin 

Preventative dentistry is like getting a regular check-up from your primary care doctor. This helps make sure that everything is healthy, but if in the event it’s not, it helps catch problems early. At your check-up, Dr. Berry will examine your neck, lymph glands, palate, and the soft tissues of your mouth (cheeks, tongue, lips, and floor of the mouth) for signs of infection or oral cancer. Oral cancer. Screenings are a routine part of every check-up to make sure you don’t have any lesions or other areas of concern. Having oral cancer is very rare, but it can progress quickly. Catching it early is key. 

After Your Exam 

Once your exam is complete, the dentist will then make a final diagnosis. If anything was wrong, he will work with you to formulate a treatment plan that will cater to your specific needs. Sometimes this involves scheduling another dental appointment for a procedure. Other times, he might just advise you on how to take care of your oral health at home. Putting the advice from the dentist to use will help make sure you have the best oral health possible. 

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